While regular in-person treatment is ideal, for many British Columbians this is not possible. Those living in remote regions, or under-served communities, deserve the same level of care as those in larger cities.

That’s why Cedar Cottage Healthcare has adopted, and become a leader in, providing TeleHealth services. Our web based software platform allows our professionals to reach those living in rural and under-served areas, such as British Columbia’s First Nations communities. Similarly, companies with large workforces in remote locations are seeing the benefits of TeleHealth services.

Cedar Cottage Healthcare utilizes a robust healthcare technology platform that includes real time video and audio, secure chat, phone, medical biometrics and a free electronic health record which enables our clinic staff to diagnose and treat patients in a home setting in rural and remote locations. By working with primary care and general practice doctors, we are able to tailor drug treatments to maximize success, while reducing the number of people going without treatment.

Our technology is fully compatible with the Province of British Columbia’s existing eHealth assets.