Care Continuum

The world is more connected than ever. However, for people struggling with mental health and addictions the problem of isolation is a reality. The Cedar Cottage Healthcare continuum includes a wellness clinic with specialized medical professionals, a full service pharmacy with quality, caring staff and TeleHealth technology. These services are provided with minimal wait times and are able to serve a wide range of populations.

In medicine, timely, in-person care and treatment is irreplaceable, particularly when dealing with mental health and addictions. The Cedar Cottage Integrated Health Clinic professionals take special interest in our patients, providing dynamic care options to each individual. Our team includes naturopaths, nutritionists and counsellors.

In British Columbia, patients requiring screening or treatment for mental health and addictions cannot always access a medical professional. This is often because they live or work in remote locations without access to specialists. Our healthcare specialists provide care to the province’s most isolated groups in need, enhancing quality of life and health outcomes.