Cedar Cottage HealthCare is British Columbia's fastest growing integrated mental health and addictions treatment organization. Our team of specialists connects with our clients at our integrated healthcare centres, over the telephone and through secure messaging and video conferencing.

We are pioneers in the delivery of managed care, utilizing a technology platform that enables us to offer our services in the most cost efficient and effective manner for providers, facilities and patients.

We are in your community – where you live, where you work, no matter how remote.

Our core businesses are Metropolitan Pharmacy and Cedar Cottage Medical Clinic. We provide licensed healthcare professionals - doctors, pharmacists and nurses - in proximity for patients dealing with mental health issues and all forms of addictions (including drug and prescription drug abuse, alcohol, tobacco, gambling and eating disorders). Building on and augmenting traditional face-to-face visits with our professionals is our emphasis on the use of TeleHealth technologies to conduct remote visits with patients and monitor recovery. This combination allows for an extraordinarily cost efficient and effective management of client continuity of care.

OUR GOAL: To provide all British Columbians with quality and timely access to mental health and addictions treatment and education, regardless of location and situation.